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The active alerts on campus are as follows:

EPC Meeting Locations
1) West Lawn
2) Grass hill between ENGR and UTCR
COH Meeting Locations
1) EPC main IT Suite
2) A or B from EPC meeting locations.
Should everyone be evacuated OFF Campus, you MUST report to the Lane Center, before going home.



  • EXIT the building if it is safe to do so; or…
  • SEEK SHELTER by proceeding to a room that can be secured or barricaded, close and lock all windows and doors if possible and turn off all lights. Get down on the floor and ensure that no one is visible from outside the room. Silence cell phones, pagers, and other devices. Call 911 or 3111 and give them the events, your location, and remain in place until instructed to exit. If it is not safe to speak, leave the line open so the dispatcher can hear what’s happening.
  • If the shooter leaves the area, proceed immediately to a safer place and do not touch anything that was in the vicinity of the shooter.

Major Injury


  • Evaluate the victim to determine the nature of the injury.
  • Contact EMS, then notify Public Safety.
  • Establish primary staff, others should assist.
  • Additional staff should clear the entire area of patrons.
  • Administer First Aid/CPR, if applicable and able.
  • Once EMS takes over, stand back, but remain near for further instructions.


  • Contact Public Safety informing them of the possible death.
  • Keep the area secure and initiate closing procedures.
  • Secure all entrances to the building, post a staff member at doors. Their role is to only allow access to key staff, emergency personnel, and other key agencies.
  • Staff should remain on scene until dismissed by superior.

Tornados/Severe Weather

EPC 103, Green Room or Shop

  • Move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor and get beside (not under) a sturdy piece of furniture.
  • Stay away from windows. DO NOT open windows. Close any doors.
  • Remain in the safe area until all danger has passed.
  • If the facility is damaged, evacuate after the storm passes and stay clear of the damaged area. Be aware of debris, power lines, and gas leaks.
  • Follow directions given by emergency personnel. Do not return to the building or move to another location unless told to do so by officials.

Bomb Threat

  • Evacuate the building if directed to do so by Public Safety, or if the situation renders it the safest choice. .
  • Do not use cell phones or radios within 300 feet of the area suspected of containing the explosive device.
  • Faculty and Staff should check for, but not disturb, unusual objects as they depart classrooms or offices. Report these unusual objects to police or other emergency personnel.
  • Follow directions given by emergency personnel. Do not return to the building or move to another location unless told to do so by officials.
  • If threat is over the phone, ask as many questions to get as many details as possible.
    • What kind of bomb or device is it?
    • How many did he/she place?
    • When will they go off? Is there a specific time? A specific trigger?
    • Where is it located?
    • What does it look like?
      • If the building is occupied, inform the caller the device could cause injury or harm
      • Does the caller seem familiar with the building/area where the device is planted

Suspicious Object

  • Do not touch or disturb the object.
  • Call 255-3111 (3111) UCCS Police, follow instructions.
  • Notify your supervisor immediately.

Suspicious Person

  • Do not physically confront the person.
    • Ask them if you can provide assistance (if safe to do so)
  • Do not let anyone into a locked building/office.
  • If the person is inside, do not block the person’s access to an exit.
  • Call authorities and provide as much information as possible about the person and their location.


  • “Save” Reporting
    • The Office of the Dean of Students | 255-3838
    • The Office of Discrimination and Harassment | 255-4324
    • Public Safety | 255-3111 or 255-9111
  • Confidential Reporting
    • TESSA | 633-3819
    • ROC Support Group |
    • UCCS Counseling Center | 255-3265
    • UCCS Student Health Center | 255-4444

Emergency Contacts and Information

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