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Multifactor Authentication Activation

Posted on January 17th, 2018 by Help Desk

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is excited to deliver a new technology to help protect Students, Faculty, and Staff from Email attacks.

What’s happening:

All students will have the new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) turned on for their accounts on January 29th. MFA will provide an additional layer of security by requiring a second authentication method such as a text or phone call. Following the initial verification, you may be prompted when MFA identifies a high-risk activity such as: a new device, unfamiliar IP address, impossible travel, or compromised credentials.

 When is this happening:

Starting 1/29/2018 we will be activating the service for you.

Why is this happening:

Email attacks are becoming more prevalent and disruptive to UCCS. As result, OIT is implementing MFA which will work to help protect users from unauthorized access using compromised credentials.

What you need to do:

You don’t have to do anything to turn on the service as MFA works in the Cloud to protect your account, but you will have to register your security verification method by following the below instructions when prompted:

  • Following activation on January 29th, you will be prompted to add additional security verification, please click the “Set it up now” button to begin adding a security verification.
  • You will be prompted to add an additional security verification of: Authentication phone, Office Phone, or Authenticator App. Following your selection and entering your authentication information click next. Authentication Phone is the preferred verification mode
  • If you chose a phone option, you will then be sent a text or call based on your preference. Please enter the message you received via text or follow the voice prompt when you receive call.
    • Following a successful verification, you will have setup verification and gained access.
  • If you have unreliable cell phone service you may choose Authenticator App as your verification process. Please use the following instruction to verify: Get started with the Microsoft Authenticator app

Once again, we are very excited to be providing a higher level of security to our campus!

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